How to Enroll in a Course

Follow these easy steps to register and purchase courses:

Step 1 - Register

  • Go to the Course Catalog or review courses listed in the modules on the right of this page ->
  • Choose your Category (Accounting/Audit, Taxation, Enrolled Agent, AFSP, etc.)


  • Scroll through courses and select Add to Cart next to the course you wish to purchase.


  • Add additional courses to the cart, remove courses you have added to the cart, or scroll to the top of the page to Checkout or View Cart. 

  • Select Checkout to begin registration and purchase process.  You then have three options when you select Checkout:
    • If you already have an acount with BestCPE, enter your User ID and Password and select Log In.
    • If you do not have an account, select that button and select Log In.
    • If you have an account with BestCPE but have forgotten your Password, select the Recover Password link and you will automatically receive your password by email.  If you do not know your User ID, please call use at our toll free number (877-727-3669).


  • Register as a new student and press Submit.  This User ID and Password allows you to purchase courses and have access to courses, course materials and exams.  You will also use the User ID and Password to purchase future courses and to access certificates for previously completed courses.


  • Enter Credt Card Information into our Secure Credit Card system.  You can select the Copy Fields from My Proflie if the information is current.

You will receive an emailed receipt confirming your purchase and a link to login to the course.

Step 2 - Log in

After completing your checkout, you will see a confirmation page containing a link:

"Click here to Login"

  • Once you login, you will see a list of courses you are enrolled in.
    Click on Launch next to the course you wish to take
  • If you are returning to access your course,  you can login by clicking on the Student Login from any page on the BestCPE website, in the top right hand corner of the screen. When you login, you can view the courses you have enrolled in and have completed.
Step 3 - Take the course

The course is completely menu driven and will contain the following steps:

  • Step 1: Print or view the study guide/outline
  • Step 2: How to view and print course materials (if not a book that is mailed to you)
  • Step 3: Complete the final exam

There is also an option to print a copy of the exam.

This screenshot shows where to click, once you login, to access the exams:


Courses and exams may be stopped and re-started as many times as you wish, with no loss of answers. When you are taking an exam, simply advance to the next page of the exam to save your answers.

All courses include a interactive Review Questions.  Some courses inclued these Review Questions in an optional exam and some are included within the study document.

You must answer 70% of the questions correctly on the Final Exam in order to pass.

Step 4 - Submit your exam

  • At the end of the exam, click on Submit exam
    The system asks "Are you sure?"
    Click on "yes"
  • Your grade will be displayed instantly on screen
  • If you passed the final exam, you will receive your certificate of completion by email within minutes

If you did not pass the final exam, you can take the exam again--up to three times automatically. You can re-take the final exam as many times as needed in order to pass (there is no charge to re-take an exam)--you need to email us for an exam reset after three attempts.

If you don't receive your Certificate of Completion promptly, you can easily retrieve a copy (at any time). Here are some screenshots that walk you through getting your certificate copy.

You may not receive the certificate of completion by email if your email address was mis-typed, your mailbox is full or a spam filter has filtered out the email (check your spam or junk mail folder if you have one).

Supplemental Information

Online Materials

  • After logging into the course system, click on the link to Complete the Reading Assignment to view and/or print the materials.
  • You will need Adobe Acrobat to be able to print the materials out.
  • Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) (

Book Courses

  • If the course uses a book, BestCPE will ship your book (FREE SHIPPING) and a hard copy of the online exam for your convenience.
  • You have immediate access to the exam upon can preview the course prior to receiving the book.

CPA Information

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