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State CPE - Illinois

Illinois CPA CPE Requirements   

BestCPE is a registered cpe provider for CPAs in the state of Illinois.  Our license number is 158-002188    

Below are some of the FAQs on continuing education from The Illinois State Board of Public Accountancy.

Q. How many CPE credit hours are required for renewal?
A. A licensed CPA must complete 120 CPE credit hours per every three year renewal period. Of the 120 hours, at
least 4 hours shall be courses covering the subject of professional ethics. A registered CPA is exempt from CPE

Q. During what time period must CPE be completed?
A. All CPE must be completed in the three years preceding expiration of the license. For example, the upcoming
renewal, all CPE must have been completed between October 1, 2012 and September 30, 2015.

Q. This is my first time renewing my license as a CPA, do I need to complete 120 hours of CPE prior to the
renewal deadline?
A. No, a renewal applicant shall not be required to comply with CPE requirements for the first renewal of a license as
a CPA.

Q. I completed CPE in another state, will I be able to use it in Illinois?
A. Courses sponsored or approved by other states or other state CPA societies shall be considered approved, as set
forth in 68 Ill. Admin. Code 1420.70(a). Out of state CPE that is not approved by another state or another state’s CPA
society requires the licensee to complete an application seeking approval of the CPE and pay a fee. The application
must be approved by the Public Accounting Registration and Licensure Committee. T

Q. How is CPE measured?
A. CPE is measured by program length, with one 50 minute period equal to one CPE credit. One-half CPE credits
(equal to 25 minutes) are permitted after the first credit has been earned in a given CPE course. CPE that is part of the
curriculum of a university, college or other educational institution shall be awarded CPE course credit at the rate of 15
credit hours for each semester hour, or 10 credit hours for each quarter hour, of school credit awarded.

Q. How do I know if a CPE sponsor is approved or licensed?
A. The following are recognized CPE sponsors:
    1. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA);
    2. The Illinois CPA Society/Foundation (ICPAS/F);
    3. A university or college approved by its governing body to award accounting degrees;
    4. The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA);
    5. Members of NASBA's National Registry of CPE Sponsors
    6. Members of NASBA’s Quality Assurance Service Program; and
    7. All licensed CPE Sponsors. 

Q. Do I need to provide copies of CPE certificates of attendance for renewal?
A. Each licensee is responsible for maintaining records of completion of CPE and shall be prepared to produce the
records if requested by the Department.

Q. What types of CPE are accepted and are there any limitations on the amount of hours you can earn?
A. The following CPE types are accepted so long as they meet all requirements set forth in the Illinois Public
Accounting Act and administrative rules: 

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