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Discontinued courses

If you clicked on a link to a course, and landed on this page, most likely the course has been discontinued.  

Why do we discontinue courses?

When the course material becomes outdated, we discontinue the course, and usually replace the course with an updated version of that course.  CPE course standards issued by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) and NASBA (National Association of State Accounting Boards) all require that courses be reviewed annually, and updated when appropriate.

When are BestCPE courses updated?

Book based CPE courses

Depending on the subject matter covered and the timeliness of any examples used in the book, book based courses can be considered timely and relevant for several years from the date of publication.

Sometimes our book-based courses become obsolete, yet the book author has not released a new edition of the book.  In these cases we discontinue the course and attempt to replace it with a course using a book on the same subject.

Tax CPE courses 

Our tax courses are updated at least once/year, usually in the November to January time frame.  The J.K. Lasser series of books usually release new editions of the books in early November of each year.  We receive copies of the new editions as soon as they are finalized, and update these courses within 2-3 weeks of the release of the new books.

The IRS generally publishes  new tax law information for the current tax year, at the end of that tax year or in the January following the end of the year.  We update the related courses withing 2-3 weeks of the publication of the new tax law.

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